Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kosher food in a "kosher environment"?

"Jewish Atheist said...
It's not just that they criticise each other, but that they overstep their bounds. In Israel, one of the major kashrut organization refused certification to Pepsi because they had billboards with a woman in a bathing suit. (I guess your blog won't be getting certified kosher either.)"

This is another pet peeve of mine and I am glad our Atheist friend brought it up. The mission statement of the Kof-K, similar to that of many other supervisions is that, "Only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of Kosher law are permitted to display the symbol, which is protected under Federal law against unauthorized use. When consumers see the KOF-K on a product, they know they are buying food that meet the highest levels of Kashrus (Kosher law)."

So, you would think that there is not much room for alternative interpratations...WRONG! What does KOSHER SERVICE mean to you? Well, it seems if your food is kosher but neigborhood boys and girls want to eat pizza together on a Motsei Shabbos then the "kosher service" is not to standard...and will not get or would lose supervision.

I don't think I need to go into depth why this is a complete abuse of authority, only breeding contempt in the Jewish community.

More on hats...if you are not sick of it yet...

Found an interesting article on the hat subject....I more or less agree with his main points...


Cut-Throat Business - and I don't mean Shechita!

I once saw a neo-nazi website that said we were unethical business people (Never heard that one before!) and said that there are kosher symbols on many consumer products that don't even need it....like toilet cleaner.

Now, my knowledge base of kashrus is pretty limited to edible food items, but what I do know now is that there is incredible naivety in the Jewish world about kosher supervision.

I used to think that kosher supervision organizations were...not for profit institutions for the advancement of kosher products in the market place. Ok, laugh at me...

The truth is, the supervision world is just as cut-throat as any other company vying for marketshare. What does this mean for our average G-d fearing Jew...a zillion supervision companies that say their competitor supervision companies are UNRELIABLE. This is where the holy mixes with the mundane and much like milk and meat, they don't belong together.

If I eat food from the Massachusets Vaad - fondly called KVH - then some people will project opinions about my level observance...why? Because the kosher world is so confused about legitimate kosher observance.

This leads to the recurring theme in my posts...people project a level of observance by the supervision used. It may be justified to some extent if there is a kosher symbol that is universally not accepted with clear and actual proofs - not just "I know a rabbi, who knows a rabbi...blah blah blah..." But because there are corporate agendas behind all these opinions...it is next to impossible to get an objective opinion on kashrus.

Can we start a site dedicated to kashrus, and become the CNET reviews for the kosher world? That way we can have an independant site to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each kosher company. Just an idea...

You have any thoughts?